1. What is the NFL PLAY 60 Invention Contest?
The NFL PLAY 60 Invention Contest challenges kids to come up with NEW ways to keep them and their peers active and healthy. Contest entries can be in any of the following categories:
  • Active indoor (gymnasium, etc.) or outdoor games
  • Fitness equipment or training devices
  • Exercise equipment
  • Football-themed games or activities (for training or playing)
2. When does the contest take place?
The contest kicks off on April 22, 2013 at noon EST and ends on July 12, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM EST.
3. What is the easiest way to enter?
The easiest way to enter the contest is online. Just go to www.NFLRush.com/INVENT, click on “Start an Entry,” and follow the instructions. To find out more, visit “How to Enter.”
4. Can I submit my entry by mail?
Yes, you can send your completed entry submission to: BKFK, 1177 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06905.
5. Can I enter more than once?
YES! You may enter as often as you’d like, as long as each invention idea is unique and includes all requested information. If submitting more than one entry, you must complete one entry form for each submission. If mailing your entry(ies), every entry must be submitted separately and in its own envelope.
6. Where can I get an entry form and official rules?
This contest is subject to the official rules. To obtain the official rules, please visit www.NFLRush.com/INVENT and click on the footer link that says “Rules.” You can find the contest entry form in the “Activities & More” section.
7. Do I need my parents to approve my entry before I enter?
Yes, we need permission from your parent or guardian to officially enter you. Once you hit submit, we will send your parent or guardian an email asking him/her to approve you. Once your parent or guardian approves you, your entry will be considered complete and will move to the evaluation phase.
8. Do I have to complete my online submission all at once?
No, you can do a little of your entry at a time, save it, and return to finish it later. You will receive a unique ID for each entry that you start. Once you hit the submit button for an entry, however, your entry will be locked. No edits, additions, or changes will be permitted, and your idea will go directly to the evaluation phase.
9. If I enter online, what if I forget my Entry ID?
You can retrieve your Entry ID by hitting “Forget Your Entry ID?” on the “Start an Entry” page. Then, just follow the instructions.
10. What if I don’t have an email address?
If your family has an email address, you can use that one. Your email address can be the same as your parent or guardian’s email address. Or you can enter via regular mail.
11. Will I be notified that my mailed entry has been received?
Due to the anticipated volume of entries, we cannot acknowledge the receipt or status of any entry. If you want to be sure your mailed entry was received, please send it by registered or certified mail.
12. Will I be notified that my online entry has been received?
If you submit your entry online, you WILL receive a confirmation message via email, saying “We have received your entry.” Your entry will be electronically time-stamped and recorded by the contest administrator’s computer—verifying receipt.
13. Will my information stay confidential?
Yes, the NFL and By Kids For Kids (BKFK) respect the privacy rights of all visitors to the website. Use of the site, and the activities and services available on and through the site, is governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We respect the concerns of parents and guardians regarding their children’s visits to and use of our site, and have special privacy rules for children under 13. Please review our complete privacy statement.
14. Is there a fee to enter? Do I need to buy anything?
No fee is required to enter the contest and no purchase of any kind will improve your chances of winning.
15. Who owns my idea?
NFL owns all right, title and interest in all ideas and information submitted by contest participants who are deemed Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Grand Prize Winner. See official rules for more information on this.
16. Will my entry materials be returned after the contest?
No entry materials will be returned. We recommend you make a copy of all entry materials for your records.
17. Can adults help their students/kids enter?
Absolutely! All invention submissions must be the child’s own original work, but adults certainly may help kids with the expression of their ideas. Also, we need permission from parents or guardians to officially enter their child in the contest. Once a kid submits his/her idea, we send an email to the parent or guardian to grant his/her child permission to enter.
18. What resources are there for adults to help kids get started?
Parents or guardians can go to the “Parents” section, where they will find activities and contest materials to help get their kids started. Volunteers from youth organizations can click on “Youth Orgs” in the footer to go to their section for activities and materials.
19. Who are the judges of the NFL PLAY 60 Invention Contest?
All judging will be conducted by a panel of Sponsor executives and a national judging committee of industry experts. Evaluators do not profit in any way from the success of the winners. All judges sign a written confidentiality agreement before viewing any submissions.
20. Will the judges know whose entries they are evaluating?
No, all evaluations are made anonymously until the Semifinalist round. Judges will not have access to any of the entrants' personal information.
21. What are my odds of winning?
Odds are not relevant in a contest of skill. Entries are judged based on merit, not through a random drawing.
22. What criteria will be used to judge ideas?
Your idea will be evaluated using the following criteria. (The number in parentheses indicates the weight given to each criterion in determining total score.):
  • Uniqueness of Invention (50% or a maximum of 50 points)
  • Potential Impact (30% or a maximum of 30 points)
  • Feasibility (20% or a maximum of 20 points)
23. What happens to ideas that don’t get chosen? How do I know they’re safe?
Entries and all information about the entries that are not selected to be Semifinalists will not be disclosed.
24. What prizes can I win?
The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded $5,000 and a trip to an NFL Grand Prize Event*! Go to “Prizes” to check out all the details.
25. Will I have to pay taxes on my prize if I win?
Taxes, if any, related to the prize(s) are the responsibility of the winner and his/her parent/legal guardian.
26. What is By Kids For Kids?
By Kids For Kids Co. is the official administrator of the NFL PLAY 60 Invention Contest. BKFK creates educational materials and challenges designed to encourage kids to invent and innovate. Learn more about By Kids For Kids at www.bkfk.com.