Webisode and TV Episode Activities

Webisode 1: Lemons to Lemonade

Just like a retail business needs a good location to attract customers to its store, you need to think of location too. When you are in a classroom, it is best to sit in a place where you can listen to the teacher. The better you are located and able to pay attention, the better you will do in school. "So remember: location, location, location--pay attention and listen to learn the most you can"


Grade 3: Location, Location, Location grade-3 Grade 5: Wheeling and Dealing grade-5 Grade 4: Location, Location, Location grade-4 Grade 6: Wheeling and Dealinggrade-6

Webisode 1: Lemons to Lemonade

SMC tackles business location.

Webisode 2: Car Wash Capers

Advertising is so important.

Webisode 3: Walkin' the Dog

Having a plan is key.

Webisode 4: Lawn and Order

Save your money.

Webisode 5: PC's and Understanding

Keep it simple.

Webisode 6: House of Cards

Learn from your mistakes.

Webisode 7: Debt of a Salesman

Debt can be a racket.

Webisode 8: The Big Trade-Off

Make good decisions.

Webisode 9: The Trouble With Credit Cards

Be responsible & dependable.

Webisode 10: Gotta Dance

Pursue your dreams.

Webisode 11: It Takes Two

A great partner is key.

Webisode 12: Special Delivery

Outstanding stands out.

Webisode 13: Learn, Baby, Learn

Learn something every day.

Webisode 14: Sorry, I Can't Hair You

Sorry, I Can't Hair You

Webisode 15: The High Cost of High Demand

Share your knowledge.

Webisode 16: Why Pay More

Make someone feel good..

Webisode 17: Tough Cookies

Never cut corners.

Webisode 18: All Fall Up

Try new things.

Webisode 19: Are You Experienced?

Get a mentor.

Webisode 20: Don't Just Say No

Be open-minded.

Webisode 21: Design for Success

Present yourself well.

Webisode 22: Too Good to Be True

Too good to be true.

Webisode 23: The Domino Effect

Knock 'em down

Webisode 24: Going Mental for Rental

Think of alternatives.

Webisode 25: The Real Skinny

Don't prejudge.

Webisode 26: Cancel My Reputation

Build a good reputation.

TV Special: Be Cool To Your School

SMC TV special.