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Download financial literacy activities for your afterschool club! Each activity guide corresponds with one SMC webisode.

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TV Special:
Be Cool to Your School

TV Special - Let Mistakes Guide You to the Right Path

Webisode 1:
Lemons to Lemonade

It’s all about location!

Webisode 2:
Car Wash Capers

Advertising is important

Webisode 3:
Walkin' The Dog

Having a plan is key

Webisode 4:
Lawn and Order

Save your money

Webisode 5:
PC's and Understanding

Understand what you invest in

Webisode 6:
House of Cards

Learn from mistakes

Webisode 7:
Debt of a Salesman

Debt can be a racket

Webisode 8:
The Big Trade-Off

Make good decisions

Webisode 9:
The Trouble With Credit Cards

Be responsible

Webisode 10:
Gotta Dance

Pursue your dreams

Webisode 11:
It Takes Two

A great partner makes any job easier

Webisode 12:
Special Delivery

Outstanding service stands out

Webisode 13:
Learn, Baby, Learn

Learn something new each day

Webisode 14:
Sorry, I can't Hair You

Listen to your customers

Webisode 15:
The High Cost of High Demand

Learn supply and demand

Webisode 16:
Why Pay More

Learn the difference between price and value

Webisode 17:
Tough Cookies

Never cut corners

Webisode 18:
All Fall Up

Today's failure can lead to tomorrow's successes

Webisode 19:
Are You Experienced?

Get a mentor

Webisode 20:
Don't Just Say No!

Be open-minded

Webisode 21:
Design for Success

Present yourself well

Webisode 22:
Too Good to Be True

If something is too good to be true, it probably is

Webisode 23:
The Domino Efect

Think about the future when making decisions

Webisode 24:
Going Mental for Rental

Think of new ways of doing things

Webisode 25:
The Real Skinny

Don't Prejudge

Webisode 26:
Cancel My Reputation

Create a good reputation